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Photo by Natalie Miller 2012

His Last Duchess

The Courtesan’s Lover

Sphere 2010
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The Coutesan's Lover


‘A stunning debut, rich in historical detail, that explores women’s freedom, forbidden love, and the passions and people of 16th century Tuscany and Ferrara.’– Irish Times

‘Captivating …’ Now Magazine

‘Gabrielle Kimm’s sultry and deeply intimate debut novel brings to life Lucrezia de’Medici, heiress to one of Italy’s richest and most powerful families, who died in mysterious circumstances only three years after her marriage.   ‘His Last Duchess, a vivid portrayal of the teenage bride and the glittering but dangerously political world into which she was born, is a welcome addition to the ever popular historical novel market.
Kimm, an English and drama teacher, writes with elegance and seductive charm as she weaves her magic on a rich and colourful story of love and hatred, obsession and intrigue. Beautifully descriptive, full of fascinating period detail and simmering with tension and sexual chemistry, His Last Duchess is a love story to savour…’ Lancashire Evening Post

‘Gabrielle Kimm’s stunning début novel is a compelling and cleverly plotted tale of illicit love and fresco painting set against the backdrop of intrigue and political back-stabbing commonly associated with Medici Italy. Sensuous and jam-packed with gorgeous prose the tale evokes the sights, sounds and smells of sixteenth-century Tuscany and Ferrara – certainly as I imagine them!’ – Amazon reviewer

Gabrielle Kimm writes with a charm that entices us into a world of intrigue and dark undertones. She creates a passionate love story that gets under your skin, intimate and touching, against a backdrop of danger and treachery. Her vivid portrayal of Medici life is rich and wonderfully imagined, as she draws a skilful portrait of a fascinating time and place (Kate Furnivall, author of THE RUSSIAN CONCUBINE

Integral to its pace is the balance within its characters; there are no cardboard stereotypes here. Complex psychology is demonstrated in dialogue and actions appropriate to the period  … but they are essentially, deeply human and in that sense are timeless. (reader review) 

For a first novel it doesn’t get much better than this; the novel has love, trauma, twists, mystery, empathy and brings the reader into sixteenth century life for a Duchess. (reader review) 


A glorious tale of dangerous love in 16th-century Italy (Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller )

A heartwarming story of love and redemption (Historical Novels Review)

This passionate story resounds with historic truth and makes for a vibrant journey around the Naples of the past (Italia! magazine ) 

The multiple narrative strands of this rich tapestry are woven with a skilled, light touch. The Courtesan’s Lover is sexy, moving and, at times, nail-bitingly tense. Peopled with memorable characters set against a stunning backdrop, this is historical romance at its best. (reader review

There are plot developments which carry this tale way above the normal romantic fiction, and some moments (deep under the streets of Naples) which are truly disturbing. I loved this novel, and thoroughly recommend it to anybody looking for an exciting, touching, beautiful and memorable book. (reader review)

Gabrielle Kimm’s writing glows with vivid and original imagery. For all the tension and realism  …  this is ultimately a story of forgiveness and redemption. Those who enjoyed His Last Duchess will delight even more in The Courtesan’s Lover. (reader review) 


‘His Last Duchess’ and ‘The Courtesan’s Lover’ were published by Little, Brown, under the Sphere imprint
on 5th August 2010, and 24th November 2011 respectively.